Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year.

By Sam and Tam, Navigator's, Violence Reduction Unit


Sam and Tam both work with the Navigator program with the Violence Reduction Unit. We hear from both of them about what Christmas means to them and what can be done to #StopTalkListen.


I am sure Christmas looks different in every household, after all people’s views are different on almost everything else in the world today. For some, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, for others, it’s about making a huge list of expensive items for the big red fella to deliver, making an effort to see your family or looking your best on festive nights out. A question I always used to ask people after Christmas was “What did you get?” but never asked “How was your Christmas?”, “Did you have a good time?” For me, Christmas is not about how much people get or spend, for me it’s about appreciating what I have already – my family, a roof over my head, clean clothes, hot food, a job where I can try and help others. My Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, respecting others views and customs, using my cheery, happy wacky sense of humour to try and bring laughter to others.

Christmas is always going to be at the end of the year so why not use it to reflect and ask yourself… was my year? Is there anything I would change? Could I have done more for others so that their year could have been better? Remember – happiness, smiles and kind acts make the world go around, not money.

Tam’s Top #StopTalkListen Tips

– Respect others (their views, beliefs and values).

– Be excellent to each other.

– Be understanding (you never know what someone could be going through).

– Do something nice for someone… has an impact no matter how small.

– Gee someone a hug.

– Love your pet.


My name is Sam and I’m a Navigator based within the accident and emergency department of Glasgows Royal Infirmary. However as much as I love my job, my primary role is being mum to my 15yr old daughter who quite simply is the centre of my world. I grew up with the luxury of a supportive and loving family and always knew I was part of something special. Despite experiencing some of life’s challenges, I fully believe in people’s ability to change. I’m living proof of that.

For me Christmas is about families and love. About cherishing the good times and forgetting, even for a short time, the bad. It’s about togetherness. Having a tenderness for the past, courage for the present and hope for the future. And enjoying what we have. I think it’s important for families going through difficult times to set aside their differences and focus on their children. Putting on a united front and providing stability. Sharing part of the day and letting the child/children know they are the centre of the universe and that happy memories can be created. I also discourage emotive topics. Religion, politics, anything that can, at the best of times, cause arguments and debates. Especially as more alcohol tends to be consumed during the festive period.

This year I’ll be spending Christmas with my family, opening presents at my brothers with my young nephew and brother before having Christmas dinner at my parents where an open door policy always applies.



Sam and Tam work with the Navigator program at the Violence Reduction Unit. Navigator compliments the world class service provided within Nhs Emergency Departments. We are proud to work as part of their team providing patients with the best possible outcomes. This innovative partnership with Medics against Violence and the NHS has now supported over 200 people to seek the help they need and has interrupted the corrosive cycle of violence that for too many is a way of life.

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