Christmas is stressful, who knew?

By Inspector Keith Jack, Violence Reduction Unit


Homelessness, money, employment concerns, relationships, complicated family set ups, loneliness, separation, too much time together, illness, bereavement, family members incarcerated, memories, presents, work nights out, no nights outs, what food to cook, who to invite, being the perfect host, trying to create the perfect family event, trying to avoid the issues of the past.

We are all stressed about something. As we realise stress is the enemy of compassion and being able to think things through rationally.  It’s normal to be stressed, no one has a perfect life and the perfect Christmas exists only in media representations.

What do I do to try and cope?

– Take loads of walks, get some space and exercise, with or without your loved ones, whatever works best for you.

– Stop stressing about being perfect, happy is a much more achievable goal.

– Try and be nice, the memories we create, good and bad, will endure.

– Keep an eye on the alcohol intake, drink more water.

– Have fun, focus on what you have, not what you have not.

I absolutely love Christmas, amidst the stresses present all the opportunities we need to be joyous, kind and make some changes. I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.

Conflict is preventable not inevitable.

As always my mum, sister, mum and dad in law will be joining us for Christmas.


Inspector Keith Jack, Violence Reduction Unit

Keith Jack, 47 years old. Married to the best woman he's ever met for 24 years. Dad to Eva and Danny and proud owner of jimmy a Border Terrier. Love my family, friends, the outdoors and Spotify. I'm also a police inspector with the Violence Reduction Unit. I'm passionate about trying to support better outcomes for all.

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