“It’s good to talk.”

By David Duke, Founder and CEO, Street Soccer Scotland


We all know what Christmas is supposed to look like. As soon as we are done with Halloween, every shop on the high street starts selling cards and wrapping paper and building up to the big day. Words like magical and festive are plastered in across every shop window display. TV and magazine adverts from all the big supermarkets start showing us the traditional Christmas day scene- families all gathered around a kitchen table with a huge amount of food and drink, with beautifully decorated Christmas tress surrounded by all the latest toys and designer clothes. And of course, the fundamental of Christmas is sharing it with your loved ones.

But actually, that version of Christmas Day is sadly just something on TV for so many people. Now we know that we say that Christmas is a stressful time, however for some people it’s the worst time of the year. From parents who feel like a disappointment because they can’t afford to buy their children the latest gadget, to children who feel interior to their friends for not having ‘cool’ trainers, Christmas can become a melting pot of stress and anxiety. And is where conflict is created.

I know myself all too well what a tough time the festive season can be for families. My mum and dad actually split up on Christmas Eve so I do genuinely understand what so many people are experiencing right now.

I am a firm believer in the mantra “It’s good to talk”, and I feel that’s the best advice I can give anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, anxious or upset right now. Take a minute, speak to those around you, really listen to them, as no doubt they are also having a hard time and the more honest conversations that can take place, the more conflict can be resolved. “

David’s top tips

– Take time to talk.

– Really listen to people.

– Try to have as honest a conversation as possible.

If you want to hear more from David and his incredible story check out our video from our 2016 conference where is was a keynote speaker!

David Duke, Founder and CEO, Street Soccer Scotland

David Duke is the founder and Chief Executive of Street Soccer (Scotland), a non-profit social enterprise that uses football to help create positive change in the lives of socially disadvantaged adults and young people. At 36, David has grown to be widely admired with his social entrepreneurship skills and inspirational personality and has experienced first-hand the problems that face the people that his organisation works with and helps on a daily basis.

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