Louder is not always clearer!

By Aidan

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A few weeks ago, I was talking with my mum when she suddenly asked me “do you think I understand you better when you speak louder?” We both had a laugh when she said it was like in the movies when an English-speaking person is trying to make someone who does not know English understand and shouts louder and louder in English – because they think that this will make them understood! My mum said that she sometimes falls into the trap of shouting, thinking that I will just do what she says!

When someone shouts at me, I do feel like I want to shout back. With strangers, I would just ignore it because I don’t know what they would do. With family, sometimes I can tell them they are shouting, or I shout back. But shouting doesn’t help me to understand, instead I feel bossed about. I thought it was nice that my mum felt that shouting wasn’t always the solution and that we both would try to think of something funny if we were going to shout.

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My name is Aidan and I am 10 years old. I go to a school in Edinburgh, and I enjoy reading. My mum and I talk about how we handle arguments and how we are feeling.

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