My New Year’s ‘Conflict’ Resolution No. 1



Screen-Shot-2017-12-28-at-11.50.49-1Your New Year ‘Conflict’ Resolution can be as simple as a smile! Make a point of smiling at your family, first thing in the morning, at fellow commuters on the way to work and colleagues when you get there.

Dr. Sara Watkin, child development specialist and consultant for the SCCR says,

“The connection between our brain and body is an essential part of being human. It’s how, as babies, we learn about relationships and emotion and why instinctively we smile at babies and encourage them to smile back at us.

“A positive physical action can produce a positive mental reaction just as a positive thought or memory can release oxytocin or dopamine into the blood stream, relaxing or exciting us.”

So try this: Think of a time when your were happy and relaxed, or about a person you love, and now allow yourself to smile. Feel the creases in your forehead smooth out, the corners of your mouth rising – feel how your face and head literally seem to lift. Smile…

Next try smiling at someone you wouldn’t necessarily notice – the bus driver, the homeless person outside the station, the receptionist at work, the colleague you don’t usually get along with. They may not respond initially but if you keep at it you’ll see how that small interaction improves over time and become a positive anchor-point in your day.

But, bear in mind that accessing the memory is important because then your body’s response and your smile will be genuine; forcing your face into a fake smile won’t work because people automatically pick up on your body language and a fake smile is more likely to set up a barrier between you than being a means of reaching out.

Maybe even try smiling at yourself in the mirror if you’ve had a hard day!

So, access a positive memory, feel it light up your face and body and smile… It’s a New Year’s ‘Conflict’ Resolution that you can keep throughout the year!


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