Santa says…don’t forget to ‘Stop. Talk. Listen.’ this Christmas.

By Santa Claus


Christmas time, Mistletoe and Whine…

Christmas is a special and busy time of year filled with music, food and fairy lights. It’s usually also when families get together. Sometimes these family gatherings can be a joyous occasion but other times they end up with the whole family arguing over who gets the last roast potato.

At my home, Christmas is an exceptionally busy period. I even have to work nightshift on Christmas Eve! There tends to be a lot of arguing over who needs to finish wrapping the presents or clean out the reindeer in the stables.

To try to keep the peace and spend an enjoyable time together over the festive period my friends at the SCCR and I have written down a list of 10 top tips to help deal with some tricky times over Christmas.

Make sure you take time to ‘Stop. Talk. Listen’ over the festive period!

Merry Christmas


It’s your turn to do the washing up!
You feel like you’ve spent all day in the kitchen. You’d like some help. Why not try agreeing jobs at the start of the day? Share the tasks. That way you all get to enjoy the day.

I’m so tired…
The kids have been awake for a fortnight. The excitement in the house is at fever pitch. Accept the kids are not going to sleep much but try to agree a time to get up and open presents. You can always suggest an afternoon nap after Christmas dinner in front of the TV. For more information and advice visit the SCCR’s website

What’s on TV?
You want to watch the Queen’s speech. The rest of the family disagree. What to do? Try a wee bit of planning in advance to see what’s on when and try to reach a compromise.

Not liking presents
Your grandma gave you socks again. Ok, they’re not what you wanted but remember, it really is the thought that counts. Smile. Say ‘thank you’. It’s Christmas.

What should we do next?
Families can often argue over what to do when. One person wants to watch TV, someone wants to eat, what do you do? Again, compromise is key. Try some variety of activities throughout the day so everyone is kept entertained.

You only visit me at Christmas!
If you feel like this, ask yourself is now the best time to talk about it? Or would you rather just spend quality time with your loved ones? Try to do just that. There’s the rest of the year to set aside time and talk about stuff that’s bothering you.

The pressure is on to have the perfect Christmas. But ask yourself is it really worth getting into debt for? Be realistic. Set yourself a budget and agree how much to spend on gifts for each other. You could also try making some decorations or baking gifts. Plus you get to spend time with your loved ones while you make stuff!

Drinking too much
Between the stress and merriment of Christmas there’s temptation to drink a lot. Try keeping people hydrated by offering tasty non-alcoholic cocktails. Why not also have water on the table with the Christmas meal?

Go for a wee walk
Tensions can run high when families are cooped up together for a long period of time. Why not suggest a short walk to the local park? That way you all get to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and let the kids run off some steam.

Play some games
Why not mix things up a bit, turn off the TV for an hour and play some family friendly games? Charades, I spy, pin the tail on the donkey…go retro, relive your childhood and have some fun!

For more information visit my friends at the SCCR’s website or tweet them @sccrcentre #mistletoeandwhine



Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with his wife, 8 reindeer (9 if you include Rudolph) and countless unruly elves. Over the years, he’s worked night shift every Christmas Eve, working hard to deliver Christmas presents to all the (well behaved) children of the world. He knows that Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but also that it can be a bit stressful. So he proudly presents his top tips for surviving the festive season!

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