SCCR learnings to date

By Drew Drummond, Mediator and SCCR Patron


Reflection on the SCCR journey so far

It has been a real honour to be involved with the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution (SCCR) as Patron, Chair and Co-Chair over the last few months. With the launch of the updated website, I felt it might be a good time to share reflections from my perspective.


From the first two conferences in Glasgow and Inverness, I have heard loud and clear a request from people, particularly young people, the desire to stop and talk to each other about what trust really means to families and their communities. SCCR is working very hard to create the space and the environment for young people and their families to have a high level of dialogue and a clear understanding of each other and the situation in order to deal with whatever lies ahead.

Access and Awareness

I have been amazed by the desire of the participants at the first two conferences to share what is happening in their sector or field of experience. I have sensed a frustration that the finances of these organisations are under review and therefore a missed opportunity to allow people doing great work on the front line the ability to learn from each other. SCCR is currently looking for ways we can support organisations delivering conflict resolution and to raise awareness and opportunities for people to access conflict resolution information at an earlier point than crisis for a young person and their family.


Our Chair at the Inverness conference, Lesley Riddoch, made reference to Norway’s culture of kindness and how in Norwegian nursery schools, children are encouraged to help one another carry out their daily tasks. This happens in our country, you may argue; however, I raise the question of how we might look at what we are doing across all generations to look after each other better, be kind and consider what we can do as opposed to what we can’t.

All of the above starts with you. Ask yourself the following questions:

– What does trust actually mean to you and do you share this with others?

– How can we provide young people and their families in Scotland with a level of access and awareness to conflict resolution services?

– Are we good at recognising a person in conflict and what might we do to help them?

I am incredibly proud of the SCCR team in all they have achieved so far but there is still a lot of work to do. However, we cannot do it alone, we want your help, we need your help.

Drew Drummond, Mediator and SCCR Patron

Drew Drummond is a trained mediator and the SCCR's Patron, aswell as the Managing Director of Drummond International, a family owned Leadership Consultancy business which helps individuals and organisations deal with change, culture and conflict. His experience spans from commercial industry to the not-for-profit and public sectors.

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