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Celebrating a decade of conflict resolution

By Abbey Krause, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Advisor


The Amber Mediation and Support Service began 10 years ago with 3 staff and a big dream …. Let’s reduce the number of young people who experience homelessness by supporting families to improve their relationships.

10 years later and with the support, commitment and imagination of many individuals along the way the service has grown into new developments including;

These services were all born out of one idea … how do we help people to have conversations that work?

The team behind these services are some of my favourite people. They are kind, they are compassionate, and their values shine through their practice. They are creative and they are flexible with their approach. They are humble and they do not judge. They do this job because they believe in the power of positive relationships and they personally understand the consequence if relationships become difficult.

I asked the team what the best part of their job is;


Being in the room when people remember that they care about each other.”

“When I see young people really engaging ….. and making personal discoveries ……. Given the chance, they can be refreshingly honest and insightful about tough subjects like conflict.”


Over the last 10 years Cyrenians Conflict Resolution Services have worked alongside thousands of families and individuals to help them better manage conflict and improve their relationships. We don’t tell people what to do or how to live their life, but we help them to come to their own solutions that will work for them and their families.


“I now know she loves me, she just has a very funny way of showing it.” (Daughter talking about her mum.)


I have a huge amount of respect for people who are willing to sit down and talk about the things that are hard in their relationship. It’s not easy. But conflict resolution is a life skill and all relationships can get in a tangle from time to time.


Our team reflected on the things they have learnt while working in conflict resolution;


“It’s influenced how I relate to my own family ….”

“I now make a concerted effort to make sure that the expectations and needs of those I am in relationships with are communicated well and not just assumed.”

“I am now able to see other people’s points of view and why they have come to certain conclusions.”


Today on Amber’s 10th birthday let’s take a moment to celebrate the families and individuals we have journeyed with. Let’s reflect on our own relationships and what we do to have better conversations. I also want to celebrate the team members who have been part of an incredible journey over the last 10 years. You have been and are part of something pretty special.




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