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The SCCR reports on and evaluates the impact of the work we do. These resources provide an insight into research conducted by the SCCR, Cyrenians and other organisations.

Internal stats

74% of conference delegates now feel more confident in seeking mediation for families they work with.

SCCR Reports - read more

SCCR Annual Impact Report 17-18 [PDF]

SCCR_Annual Impact Report 16-17 [PDF]

SCCR 2016 National Survey Report  [PDF]

SCCR 3 Year Report 2013-2016 [PDF] 

SCCR Annual Impact Report 2015-2016 [PDF]

SCCR Annual Impact Report 2014-15 [PDF] 

SCCR Impact Report Winter 2014 [PDF]

SCCR Impact Report Spring 2014 [PDF]

98% of conference delegates would recommend SCCR events and resources to other staff and agencies.

Statistics taken from SCCR Evaluations 2017-18

External stats

59% of young people present as homeless because their relationship with their family breaks down.


Edinburgh Cyrenians (2011) Mediation and Homelessness Prevention in Scotland [PDF]



25% of all homeless applications in Scotland are made by young people.

Statistics taken from The Scottish Government Youth Homelessness Tables 2017/18

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